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Sample Glass Aluminium Mosaic BAC1503 (Sample tile will be cutted from the original Mosaic) -

Productnumber: 270720590
3,90 €/ piece incl. 19% VAT. excl. Shipping costs
Shipping time: Ready for shipping, delivery in 48h


Please take note of the following:

  • Because glass mosaics are transparent, we strongly recommend that you use a white, highly plasticised and rapid-setting tile adhesive.
  • We recommend avoiding any glass tile adhesives, in which the adhesive and joint are combined, because these generally absorb water. This can change the glass surface.
  • Glass mosaics have a high number of joints, so please anticipate a larger number of joints.
  • Do not use an adhesive containing quartz. This would scratch the surface of the glass.
  • Many mosaics, even high-quality ones, have small, unavoidable traces of damage. These are not defects
  • Please be careful with dark-coloured joints, as they can change the appearance of the mosaic.

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